Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Storm 2014!

One good thing about snow storms is that they cancel school and work so I have time to update my blog!

After laying down some fresh straw and making sure my critters are well prepared to "weather" the storm, I snapped some new photos from around the farm. Enjoy!

The girls gathered around the hay bar!

Warm oatmeal with raisins and molasses for the goats!
An excellent source of Selenium as well!
Silly Jordan. I have heated water buckets but she loves
when I break the ice so she can have herself some freezing water.
How can you not love this cute face! Aslan, my Big Boy!

Ginger, Ramona and Spot
 waiting for their grain and hay.

Fields of snow!
We are hoping the weather clears up quickly as Ruth is due to kid soon!


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