Monday, February 24, 2014

Our First Goat Breech Birth Delivery...Triplet Kids!

We have been very blessed here at Flumgummerie Farms, our Nubian doe, Ruth, gave us triplets this year! Thankfully, she kidded the week after our snow storm when the weather was in the 70's, unfortunately, her first kid presented itself tail first (frank breech).

Breech buck kid 
After observing her, I realized she was unable to push the kid out on her own so I put on a long pair of plastic gloves and used mineral oil as a lubricant. I waited until a contraction passed and then went in to feel if I could move the kid. I couldn't get a good sense of whose legs and bodies I was feeling and Ruth seemed to be very uncomfortable (who could blame her!) so I hooked my hands around the hip joints of the kid and slowly pulled while Ruth pushed. I stopped pulling as soon as she stopped pushing and waited until her next push...then the kid was out! A beautiful, healthy buck kid!

Doe kid #1

Doe kid #2
She almost immediately began pushing again and out came a sweet little doe kid, and then to our surprise, she gave us another darling little doe kid! Triplets! We are very excited and pleased that things went smoothly and that all her kids are healthy and doing well.

Ruth and babies doing well

These beautiful kids are out of Ruth and Joyful Journey Pilgrim
Check out his pedigree and impressive lineage on our Foundation Bucks page
Check back often to see who we put on our For Sale page or message me if you are interested in any kids out of Ruth, Trinity or Jordan.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Storm 2014!

One good thing about snow storms is that they cancel school and work so I have time to update my blog!

After laying down some fresh straw and making sure my critters are well prepared to "weather" the storm, I snapped some new photos from around the farm. Enjoy!

The girls gathered around the hay bar!

Warm oatmeal with raisins and molasses for the goats!
An excellent source of Selenium as well!
Silly Jordan. I have heated water buckets but she loves
when I break the ice so she can have herself some freezing water.
How can you not love this cute face! Aslan, my Big Boy!

Ginger, Ramona and Spot
 waiting for their grain and hay.

Fields of snow!
We are hoping the weather clears up quickly as Ruth is due to kid soon!