Monday, February 24, 2014

Our First Goat Breech Birth Delivery...Triplet Kids!

We have been very blessed here at Flumgummerie Farms, our Nubian doe, Ruth, gave us triplets this year! Thankfully, she kidded the week after our snow storm when the weather was in the 70's, unfortunately, her first kid presented itself tail first (frank breech).

Breech buck kid 
After observing her, I realized she was unable to push the kid out on her own so I put on a long pair of plastic gloves and used mineral oil as a lubricant. I waited until a contraction passed and then went in to feel if I could move the kid. I couldn't get a good sense of whose legs and bodies I was feeling and Ruth seemed to be very uncomfortable (who could blame her!) so I hooked my hands around the hip joints of the kid and slowly pulled while Ruth pushed. I stopped pulling as soon as she stopped pushing and waited until her next push...then the kid was out! A beautiful, healthy buck kid!

Doe kid #1

Doe kid #2
She almost immediately began pushing again and out came a sweet little doe kid, and then to our surprise, she gave us another darling little doe kid! Triplets! We are very excited and pleased that things went smoothly and that all her kids are healthy and doing well.

Ruth and babies doing well

These beautiful kids are out of Ruth and Joyful Journey Pilgrim
Check out his pedigree and impressive lineage on our Foundation Bucks page
Check back often to see who we put on our For Sale page or message me if you are interested in any kids out of Ruth, Trinity or Jordan.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Storm 2014!

One good thing about snow storms is that they cancel school and work so I have time to update my blog!

After laying down some fresh straw and making sure my critters are well prepared to "weather" the storm, I snapped some new photos from around the farm. Enjoy!

The girls gathered around the hay bar!

Warm oatmeal with raisins and molasses for the goats!
An excellent source of Selenium as well!
Silly Jordan. I have heated water buckets but she loves
when I break the ice so she can have herself some freezing water.
How can you not love this cute face! Aslan, my Big Boy!

Ginger, Ramona and Spot
 waiting for their grain and hay.

Fields of snow!
We are hoping the weather clears up quickly as Ruth is due to kid soon!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kidding Season is Coming!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted an update. School has kept me busy but that doesn't mean we missed the breeding season! We brought in our beautiful new buck "Joyful Journey Pilgrim" and he has performed wonderfully!

Look at that gorgeous head!

Our girls our doing very well despite the weather we've had this winter...our heated water bucket has come in handy! 

Look how large Ruth is and she isn't due until Feb 19th!

Trinity and Jordan are looking very beautiful and healthy!  They are due around April.
We are so excited to see their kids from such great milking and showing lines!
We will be taking deposits on babies so be sure to message me  if you are interested as reservations fill up quickly!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Flumgummerie's New Herdsire...Joyful Journey Pilgrim!

A special thank you to Janette and David Deas of Joyful Journey Farm for this handsome big fella!
Joyful Journey Pilgrim is out of Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man & Foxwood Amazin' Miss Dharma.

Pilgrim was born on 3/22/2013 and as of July 26, 2013 he weighs in at over 70 pounds! 

Click on his pedigree below:
Pilgrim's ADGA Genetics Pedigree
Pilgrim's grandsire is *B Ch Foxwood McCaylan and SGCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow on his sire's side.
His dam's sire and dam: +*B SG Kastdemur's Ain't He Amazin' & Lazy-L McGoo Dream of Foxwood.

Pilgrim loves a head scratch!
With his wonderful pedigree chock full of Superior Genetics and Champions galore we are really looking forward to breeding him to our Ruth x Malachi does, Trinity and Jordan!

Hello Pilgrim!
Pilgrim enjoying his acre's of pasture and browse!
 We will be breeding him to Ruth, Jordan and Trinity. Check out our Reservation Policy page if you are interested in a doe or buck out of one of these breedings!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bucks out of Shiloh and *B Sunrising HIA Malachi Sold!

Our Flumgummerie Farm bucklings born April 9, 2013 have been SOLD!
These beautiful young herdsires are out of Shiloh and *B Sunrising HIA Malachi.

This handsome little fellow will be the new herdsire for The Hatton Family Farm of South Carolina!
 I'm sure he will love being in the 4H program and all the loving
he will receive from their 9 children!
Flumgummerie Farm Willoughby  is going to the Fowler Family Farm of Fayetteville, NC
This gorgeous buck will bring in some excellent milking genetics to add to the
strong mammary lines of their beautiful young does!
We are extremely pleased that these young herdsires will be going to wonderful farms with loving families.  I am looking forward to seeing next years kids out of these beautiful bucks!

Here's a shot of Willoughby on Shiloh's udder...she's got a wonderful udder
and is very large and this is only her second freshening!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Clipping Goats

In preparation for kidding time I gave our dairy goats a "kidding clip".  This is rather an easy cut and can be done quite quickly on the milk stand.  I use an Andis UltraEdge clipper with a standard size 10 blade.  I shaved her tail, her udder, the back of her legs and around her "backside". This helps keep her more sanitary during delivery and makes the job of cleaning up the "birthing mess" so much easier.  Anyone who has not shaved their goats can testify to how glue-like this "birthing mess" can be. It will stick to her tail and her udder and anything it happens to touch will be permanently glued too your goats hair, like pine shavings, hay, goat berries, etc. (ask me how I know).  I love my clippers because they are powerful enough to do the job quickly without getting hot while also being very quiet compared to some other clippers on the market.  I just go against the hair and trim away...really it is easy and anyone can do it.

Shiloh sporting a kidding clip. She is due to kid in 5 days.
I left a tuft of hair at the end of her tail.
 I gave Ruth a summer or show clip...well, I started to give her one before she decided I was not fast enough and she was done with this whole clipping business...did I mention this is my first time clipping them?  Like I said clipping is rather easy and anyone can do it. Now if I were shaving for a show I would probably use a size 30 or size 40 on her udder for a very close shave but since I'm only clipping for sanitary milking reasons I did not, but I may try it when I finish her front end tomorrow.

Ruth's summer clip...if you look closely you can see I lack a certain finesse.
I got a little too close in some places, but not too bad for a first timer.

The girls out in the pasture enjoying North Carolina's wonderful spring day!

Another view of the pasture and the barn.
I hope to post a video if I can figure out how to do so!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Shiloh & Eve Are Expecting!

Upon request I am posting a few shots of Shiloh and Eve during their pregnancies.  Shiloh is due April 9th and Eve is due about a month later, which is code for "I don't know her "conception date" so I am just guessing".
Eve looks a little thicker but she's not showing a lot yet
Shiloh is showing and starting to bag up

Shiloh's udder starting to fill up

Who doesn't like a pregnant belly shot?

Eve is a first freshener and is almost as big as her mom

here is a better shot of  her "fatness" and her udder 

A shot of Eve's dragon tattoo, I guess she does look a bit chunky here

A sweet head shot of Eve
 Eve has been bred to Wandering Lane Farms Charlie. Charlie's sire is Deep Creek NT Pistol Pete
(Reg # N1583242) and his dam is Deep Creek MT Cara (Reg # N1474909). Both of these lines carry Kismet and Kastdemur bloodlines.

A not so flattering shot of Shiloh but it shows off her udder  nicely