Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maverick Moves On...

Maverick, the third from the left
June 2012
Maverick, our buck out of Ruth and Malachi has settled right into his new home with his wonderful new owner, Susan at Legacy Farms in North Carolina.  He has gotten his first chance at breeding a sweet doe named Willow and according to Susan was quite up to the task after watching Checkers in action. Looking forward to hearing good news from Legacy Farms this kidding season!

Got Milk? Nubian Dairy Got For Sale!

Shiloh our American Nubian and her doe kid, Eve.
If you are looking to add a wonderful dairy goat to your family then our American Nubian, Shiloh may be just what you are looking for. Shiloh was born in April of 2011 and gave us a beautiful doe kid her first freshening.  Since kids favor one teat over the other we only milked her on one side and we still got about 2 quarts a day.  She took easily to the milk stand and after the initial resistance of a first freshener, she settled right into the milking routine.  She gave us milk and continued to raise Eve until she was weaned without any problems.  We have bred her again to Malachi and she is due the second week of April. I do not want to milk more than 2 does at any time so we will be looking to find a home for her. We are selling her for $450 before she kids, you can choose to keep her kids or sell them! Please contact me if interested!