Friday, March 29, 2013

Shiloh & Eve Are Expecting!

Upon request I am posting a few shots of Shiloh and Eve during their pregnancies.  Shiloh is due April 9th and Eve is due about a month later, which is code for "I don't know her "conception date" so I am just guessing".
Eve looks a little thicker but she's not showing a lot yet
Shiloh is showing and starting to bag up

Shiloh's udder starting to fill up

Who doesn't like a pregnant belly shot?

Eve is a first freshener and is almost as big as her mom

here is a better shot of  her "fatness" and her udder 

A shot of Eve's dragon tattoo, I guess she does look a bit chunky here

A sweet head shot of Eve
 Eve has been bred to Wandering Lane Farms Charlie. Charlie's sire is Deep Creek NT Pistol Pete
(Reg # N1583242) and his dam is Deep Creek MT Cara (Reg # N1474909). Both of these lines carry Kismet and Kastdemur bloodlines.

A not so flattering shot of Shiloh but it shows off her udder  nicely


Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Doe Kids out of Ruth X Malachi

Meet the newest additions to Flumgummerie Farm! Ruth gave us two beautiful doe kids yesterday. Of course it was 4 am and 28 degrees but these sweeties make it all worthwhile...that and all the delicious sweet goat milk we'll be getting!

Look at those legs!

It's at times like this that I really love my job! My daughter loves it too!
Goat love! How sweet that she has a little heart marking! My son giving her a little sugar!
I love this flashy black tri-color doe! 
Now we need to come up with some names. Does anyone have any suggestions!