Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here We Grow Again!

We have a girl! Shiloh kidded yesterday and gave us a beautiful little doe. Unlike Ruth, she took almost no time at all and I actually had to catch her baby because she decided that she preferred to stand up during the big event. Now we have to decide on a name for this little one and the exciting part is we get to give her our farm name!  She has a unique marking on her side that kinda looks like a dragon. What do you think?

The doe with the dragon tattoo?

She's a very strong and active 1 day old and she weighs just at 10 pounds! She may be pushing the boys around soon (just like her momma).  We are looking forward to watching how she develops and may take her to a show in June. She'd be a little young but it will be good experience for our first show.

Now the real fun begins! :)



  1. She is beautiful, Michelle! I hope to see you at the show in June. We are getting our first two does next weekend. A three-year-old milker and a dry yearling. So I understand the excitement of beginnings! Have a blessed and joyful journey!
    Janette Deas

    1. Thank you Janette! She is a real cutie and we are very pleased. It is exciting isn't it. :) Oh, you will have so much fun with them! I hope to see you at the show too. You'll have more wonderful milk for more of your wonderful soap!



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